What can you look forward to?

Tipmann TMC Weapon

A special gun designed for MagFed paintball. It is specific for the lower number of 19 balls in the magazine.

Special equipment

You get special equipment for MagFed. For example, a tactic vest with 2 extra magazines, which creates an experience much closer to real combat.

A tactical and strategic game

With MagFed paintball, it's not enough just to fire passionately at everything that moves. Tactics and strategy play a major role in every game.

A more realistic experience

All of this makes MagFed paintball a much more realistic experience. This paintball variant is perfect for those looking for an authentic combat simulation.

What is MagFed Paintball?

Magfed paintball is a slightly different style of paintball in which players use guns with a magazine that has a limited ammo capacity and must be manually refilled, this creates a much more realistic game experience. Suddenly, you have to think about every bullet you fire, making the game significantly more tactical.

Who is MagFed suitable for?

Magfed paintball offers far more tactics and cooperation than classic paintball. This style of play is more suitable for players looking for a more realistic simulation of combat situations.

Do I get special equipment for MagFed?

The new MagFed package includes a special Tipmann TMC weapon, a thermal mask, special leather gloves and a tactical vest with magazines.

Can I play MagFed paintball in Prague?

Of course! You can try MagFed directly in our premises in Prague 5. Look how to get to us.


Magfed Paintball

Complete equipment

Tipmann TMC weapon

Tactical vest

Special leather gloves




Special weapon Tipmann TMC weapon, leather gloves, tactical vest with magazines

1149 CZK

Per person.