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Paintball prague Field Vietnam

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“Does it hurt a lot?” Frequently asked question answered.

Paintball Prague

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Big Winter Discount!

  • 100 paint-balls for FREE!
  • Night paintball. In the Vietnam field, we just built castle, bunker, church and two towers for your maximum fun.
  • Party game for no extra fee.

Why play paintball in Paintball-Prague arena?

  • The new action paintball field with great enviroment.
  • The only one lighted outdoor paintball in Prague.
  • Pimped scenarios games (Capture the flag, Terminators, Zombies Napoleon wars, …) in which you will enjoy a lot of fun ;).
  • Covered and heated sitting-room, and private outdoor sitting place, where you can relax while or after the game.
  • Professionalism and maximum service. Experienced organizers (English speaking) take care about you during the event.
  • Full featured refreshments where you can treat yourselves for example with cold beer or recharge your energy with some solid fuel from the menu.
  • Convenient location near centre, right next to Strakonická street. Bus stop right around the corner and bike rack right near the cycling trail A1.
  • Quality paintball equipment.
  • Friendly enviroment.


We are a group of friends enthusiastic for extreme sports. We operate a new action paintball field in Prague 5. The innovation is in the creation of nighttime outdoor paintball, which has no competition in Prague. In our arena you can try a new action game – archeryattack!. We hire quality equipment and organize unique group games with a variety of scenarios. It is worth mentioning a special party paintball suitable for example for a bachelor / stag parties. In combination with fast-food with draft beers and a convenient location near the city center, the arena is definitely the right choice for a unique group experience.

Photos of the game

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