We have raised hygiene standards. The base is disinfected by fogging. We clean masks with hospital disinfectant, which is also freely accessible to customers.

How does it work?

  • We will make you a reservation for the selected date and time. We will then confirm your reservation either through reservation form, phone or e-mail. Contact details can be found on the contact.
  • You will gather up with your friends at the designated time on our base. At this time, our organizer will take care of you.
  • The organizer will explain you the safety rules, teach you how the use the weapon and explain the game scenario before each game.
  • On average, a visit takes about 2 hours, where you will be able to play approximately 10 games during this time.

Can the paint from bullets be washed?

YES. The colour of the paintball bullets, due to its composition, can be ease removed from clothing. The paintball bullets that we use on outdoor field in Prague 5 are 100% ecologically degradable.

How is payment done?

You will pay small deposit before the game. Deposit should be sent back 48 hours before the game.

Payment is based on an actual spend. It is paid in cash after the game or you can pay in advance for the package by on-line payment.  

You can pay with EUROS. The current rate is 23 CZK / EURO.

What I should bring?

Paintball-Prague offers to lend a complete equipment needed including accessories. Take only for a footwear with a good pattern. If you forgot it, we will rent you it. 

How long is the game?

Usually, the whole event takes two hours. The actual gameplay is preceded by safety training associated with a demonstration of the weapon functioning. After that, players can try shooting at the shooting range. Before each game, the organizer explains the scenario that will be played in a given game. One game usually takes about five minutes and the players will play a lot of them. We will definitely not push you to play and between the games, players can take a break, relax and get fired up for the next game 🙂

How much it will cost?

All prices can be found in our price list.

It is dangerous?

By respecting the basic two rules (having safety on the gun off field and having mask on inside the field) definitely NO.

Is it suitable entertainment for kids? I am not 15 years old and want to play.

As far as age is concerned, you must be at least 15 years old to play, but we have no problem with the participation of children under the age of 15 if accompanied by responsible persons, ei parents. At a party game, players even younger than 15 often prevail. Our youngest customers were 11 years old and they did not have the slightest difficulty in using the weapon. It is not a problem to lend the paintball equipment to the child’s parent to take a subsequent move along the playground next to son/daughter.

Does paintball hurt?

The pain of a paintball bullet is hard to predict, but with a properly selected outfit, the pain of the bullet is minimized and goes without the bruises. The clothes should cover the whole body including neck. In our base, we lend camo paintball overalls with built-in neck protector. For higher safety, we recommend renting a protective paintball vest.

Would you like an answer to a different question?

Do not hesitate to contact us by dialing the phone number listed or by filling the form bellow, we will be happy to answer you.

The Paintball-Prague team leans towards all possible combinations and innovations during implicit observance of safety. What paintball game scenarios are played with us? Look here.