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Arena Paintball Prague:!

In total, you will find three separated theme fields in our paintball Prague campus in Radotín. In the first part of the campus (arena A), you can play on a paintball field called “Vietnam field”, and in arena B on “military base” or on the sport inflatable field. All of our paintball fields are located on the same address in Prague.

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Arena A (Vietnam field)

  • Capacity: 4 – 60 people
  • Wooden field with numerous obstacles
  • Two floor tower, fortress, church, bunker,…
  • Fully-lighted paintball field
  • Heated facility
  • Covered seating with a view on the field

Arena B (Military & Sport field)

  • Capacity: 120 people
  • Field in the style of a military base
  • GAZ BRDM-2, V3S Transporter, Messerschmitt airplane
  • Trenches, Bunker with shutters, ....
  • Sport inflatable field
  • Refreshments option
  • Covered seating with a view
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Our services

  • The option of inside space for celebrations, etc.
  • Separated showers men/women, WC, changing rooms, lockers.
  • The option to rent out a grill or to book a banquet.
  • Semi-automatic weapons with a magazine that fits 200 bullets.
  • Masks with thermal glass to prevent fog.
  • Camo overalls with 6 sizes from S to XXXL.
  • Glowes with hand and finger protectors.
  • Wide selection of paintball accessories.
  • Refill of the weapons’ drive: Air and CO2.
  • The option to create a package from other unique activities.

During the event you will be taken care of by a friendly paintball games organizer,who will pay attention to the safety, explain the rules and different paintball game scenarios.

Of course, we rent a full paintball equipment, which we change regularly. We will provide everything you need to play, we only recommend to bring your own t-shirt and shoes, but even those we are able to borrow 😉 If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ or do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to paintball, you can also try Archery-game and other fun unique activities.

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