Why paintball on a school trip?

Unique team atmosphere.

Teamwork, entertainment and adrenaline. Ingredients that combine paintball

Fun scenarios and unique fields

Our fields and scenarios will make an experience that you will happily remember.

Increased safety oversight

Additional organizer always comes handy at school events.

Great price for schools.

We also lived out of pocket money, so that's why you have it for a nickel. And teacher for free.

It's always difficult for the whole class to agree upon something. When it comes to the school trip however, it should be a excitment in the end!

So, what do we have here. Cool themed fields? Real fighter jet? Exercise on the fresh air? Teamwork development? Unbeatable price and servis? Yes! In addition to all of this, we will also add countless game scenarios, so each game will be different from the previous one. What more is there to wish from a school trip than to become closers to others, a bunch of common memories and in general, well-spent day.

And when it's over, you will say to yourself: "Paintball in Radotín, that was something else!'

How much will it cost?

detsky paintball

School trip

The price includes a weapon, mask, gloves, admission and organizers.


Bullets: 100 pcs/ 5 €. Camo overall: 5 €. Vest: 2,5 €.

Customer reviews


Google reviews

Friendly staff. Creative and fun game modes. Diverse symmetrical and asymmetrical maps. Proper and professional instruction . Can definitely recommend for a class/group activity.