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Bachelor Party

Entertainment that has balls.

What can you look forward to

Free costume for the cebrant.

Fun party scenarios.

Undisturbed ride with your friends.

Round of cool beers.

Are you looking for a place where you can really ruffle the future husband's coat?

You've hit the jackpot. On the arrival to the arena, you will choose a handsome costume for the celebrant, have a round of cooled beers, flash a selfie in front of the fighter jet and finally inject adrenaline into your veins. Yeah, and you will, of couse, get a few advice so that you get away from the fight healthy. In addition, we will diversify the game with a mischievous scenario tailored for the groom. 100% fun guaranteed!

The right bachelor party should be unforgettable, so the groom has to go through hell. So he will quickly think twice about another wedding! While playing, you will enjoy a lot of adrenaline and fun on our fields and enjoy the celebration to the fullest. After the game, you can relax in the chill-out zone with a cooled beer and if you still don't have enough, we have other activities ready for you.

Ladies paintball for hen party!

We also think of women. Instead of beer, you can refresh yourself at the hen party with a well-chilled Prosecco. However, the most important thing remains the same. Ladies paintball means a good dose of fun, great scenarios, a funny costume - exactly what makes the bachelorette party unforgettable.

Are you afraid of bruises? No worries. Protective vests, neck protectors and many more accessories will surely protect you.

You will spend some, but nothing that will put you on your shoulders.

Party paintball

No extra charge. The admission is by the standard pricelist.

Free costume for cebrant.

Action Park is regularly desinfected with so-called fogging method.

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