What can you look forward to?

Costume for celebrant for free.

Unique atmosphere.

Possibility for private facility.

Children's equipment.

Junior paintball

Perfect link of paintball and kids B-day party!

Junior Paintball is an adrenaline entertainment full of action. During the game, children really get weary. Juniors recieve lighter weapon, lesser gloves, children sized camo overalls, vests and bandannas. The safety is overseen by two experienced organizers.

B-day child gets funny costume for free. Also, the private booking of one of our paintball fields located in Prague is chargeless.

It will be pleasure to prepare a little snack for the event. But you can also bring your own food! Just let us know, so we may prepare a space for you where you can enjoy the cake and gifts even after the event. Moreover, there is an possibility to decorate the facilities on request.


Junior paintball

No extra charge. Admission is governed by the standard pricelist.

How did you like it with us?

The field is great. The service was the best, you were very nice guys :). I enjoyed what you came up with for the games. Just perfect, we will definitely come to you again.

Sára Ožanová

Absolutely amazing, perfect field, tactical hideout, various hidding spots, service? More than accommodating. They will help you with everything, they will give you an advice, they have amazing scenarios. We will definitely come see you again, Thank you!

Sebík Dvořák

3.7. we had the end of the season of our sports club (children 13-15 years old) and we were extremely satisfied. Super entertainment, impeccable service, perfect field and facilities. I recommend.

Zdeněk Peterka

It’s great here, my friends and I booked a two-hour birthday party and the gentleman let us play for about three hours and then left us for about another two hours in a heated room for a cake snack and a chat.

The field is great, full of various obstacles, houses, the guns also shoot perfectly and most importantly there is a nice staff. We recommend.

Šárka Koudelková