Private Game

Do you and your friends want the whole playground for yourselves? Book a private game. The entire playing area and our trained staff will be available the whole time.

What you can look forward to?

Our paintball

We will lend you a complete paitball equipment with many additional protectors. The organizer wil take care of you throughout the event.

Entertainment & adrenaline

We guarantee 100% fun and adrenaline that you and your friends will never forget.


You can play on up to five themed fields at one place. "Military base", "Vietnam","Speedball", "Indoor Reball Field" and "Archery game".
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At the site, you have showers, covered seating with the possibility of private reservations, lockers, parking, refreshments, and much more available.


Night Paintball

The game does not end at dusk. Paintball takes on a new dimensions thanks to the all-lighted field.
Night Paintball in Prague
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Bachelor Party

Shoot the groom and experience plenty of fun. Costume for celebrant, fun scenarios and a round of cool beers ensures it.
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We will organize a fun teambuilding for you in the form of a tournament game with snacks, drinks and other services.
firemní teambuilding praha
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Junior paintball

Paintball tuned for a children's party. Lighter weapons, smaller protectors and a private space for celebration.
junior paintball prague
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School trip

Class event that has spark. Protectors for teenagers and special admissions that won't break the bank.
školní třídní výlet paintball
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Professional training

All-day event led by professionals from the best Czech team MLKings.
paintball prag speedball sportovní venkovní hřiště
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*The minimum number of players for group games is 6. With a lower number, 200 CZK is paid for each missing person.

For reservations, please use the reservation form or contact us by phone. We will confirm the reservation in no time.

Usual schedule

1) Booking

Always book your date please. This will ensure a spot for your group and save time as you would have to wait for the equipment preparation.

2) Arrival and warm-up

On arrival, you will be picked up by a private organizer. He will settle you, show you how to handle the equipment, and explain the safety and game rules.

15 minutes

3) Game

You will spend about 2 hours playing. During this time, you will try many scenarios and you will even have plenty of time to cool down. You can bring your own dose of creativity to the games and play the ones you enjoy the most.

60 - 180 min, according to preferences.

4) Platba a Chill-out

Payment is always made at the end according to the actual consumption. After paintball, you and your friends can cool off both in the shower and with a cold drink. Alternatively, you can try one of the other unique activites in the neighboring Action Park.


Private Game


Themed wooden field designed for events for up to 60 people.


Private Game

Military base

Field with discareded combat equipment, bunkers and a ditch. Combing the Nuclear Town is suitable for events up to 120 people.

Private Game

Nuclear Town

A playground inspired by the game map “Nuke Town” from Call of Duty. Call of Duty players have the opportunity to try this map in the real version.

Private Game


Professional field in the NXL world league format. Popular not only among sport players, but also among amateurs due to its action movement.

Private Game

Archery game

Action field designed for Archery game. A unique game with bows and special arrows, endowed with a soft tip, which makes Archery game safe.

Private Game

Action Park

Thanks to the direct vicinity of the Action Park, you can expand your event with many other unique activities.

Customer reviews


Google reviews

Best weekend ever! We hab an astonishing Bachelor party. Location, prices and activities were supreme, but we really enjoyed the great service. Big thanks to Marie, Sunny and David for making this bachelor party epic.

Martijn Vermeulen

Google reviews

We booked vietnam field for a stag do. We had a great time, field was perfect, guns were good quality and Maria and Katherina were kind and helpful with explaining. Thanks ladies. Recommended.

Marek Havlín

google reviews

Great experience there. Kind and helpful staff. Three beautiful paintball fields (outdoor) in the nature. After two hours of game (after we finished) we were ofered a barbecue for good price…the meal was fresh and also delicious. We were absolutely satisfied. Btw it’s first paintball facility with nice and clean toilets/showers I have ever seen.

Lívio Ferraz

Google reviews

Amazing atmosphere!
Friendly staff with good organizational skills.
Easy access and ready to play!
Highly recommend this place.


Google reviews

Super friendly team. They extended our playtime since we came later and made it possible to play the full 2 hours. We could play the game modes we wanted and rotated the available fields. Was a great fun experience. Thank you guys.

 Jan Hendrych

Google reviews

The playing sites are enjoyable and good looking. The guns work very well and the staff is friendly. There is a nice variety of game modes you can play so I think two hours are ideal.