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NXL tournament field

Regular training

Pro school

Tournaments in the Pro and Novice divisions

Do you want to improve your paintball game and reach for the medal in the tournament? We have built, in the Paintball-Prague arena, the only sports in Prague just for you, which has obstacles and dimensions of the highest world league NXL. On this field, we regularly organize tournaments within the Paintball-prague league and, at the same time, it's home base of the Czech top paintball team, the MLKings.

You can also take part in regular training sessions or book an all-day private Pro school, where the guys from MLKings will help you improve your tournament technique and pass on their lifetime experience, which is priceless.

Public trainings

Regular afternoon trainings. The fields change periodically according to the current NXL tournament schedule.

Pro school

Events for paintball players who want to improve their paintball skills and take their game to the next level. Sports paintball training under the leadership of Pro players from MLKings team operating in the professional division both on the European continent and in the USA.

Paintball-Prague League

The event, which brings together sports and amateur players from all over the Czech Republic, but also from abroad. It is always played in two divisions - Pro and Novice, in the 3-man format, once a year then 5-man. We also recommend the tournament for beginners, to whom we will lend equipment as part of the entrance fee. For a 3-man tournament, the teams consist of 3 players (+ possible substitutes). Yet, you can come by yourself, we always put together a team of individuals on the spot.

Pro School structure

Morning program

1. Principles of warming up
2. Testing of individual skills (correction)
3. Preparation exercises for individuals (work on an obstacle, shooting while running, slide behind an obstacle)
4. Preparatory exercises (situational drill)

2-3 hod


300g BBQ with side dish (bread, salad and BBQ sauce) + cooled beverage of your choice

1 hod

Afternoon program

5. Theory and strategy preparation for a given field layout.
6. Tactics in the game 3vs3 5vs5.
7. Preparatory of operated game 3vs3 5vs5

2-3 hodiny

More information

The price also includes 1 box of bullets / person.

In the case of interest, we will arrange accommodation in the pension 10 minutes walk from the field.


paintball prague league rozpis

Pro school

All-day private paintball skills training.

2.500 CZK

Per person

paintballové tréninky praha

Regular trainings

Public speedball training. Trainings schedule in the FB group.

150 CZK

Per person

paintball prague league vyhlaseni

Paintball-Prague League

3 man / 5 man tournament Division Pro and Division Novice.

Dates and details here.

2,000 CZK / 1,500 CZK

For team