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Does it hurt a lot?

Painfulness of the hit is hard to guarantee. When using proper protective equipment the pain level is on minimal level and without bruises yet the feel of the impact is stil clear and distinct.

Can the paint be washed?

YES. The paint is designed to be easily washed.

Am I in danger?

While abiding two basic rules (gun safety and mask) absolutely NOT.

Is it appropriate fun for kids? In another words, I am not 15 yet but want to play.

About that, we don´t have a problem with kids participating. If that is the case we ensure the strict abiding of safety rules even more.

Another limiting factor is strenght and size of the kid in question but we usually leave this decision to his/her parents. Of course it is possible to rent protective gear for parents who will follow ther loved one into the battle as escort.

Paintball-Prague Team is inclined to all possible combinations and new things as lang as safety rules are fulfulled.

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